Can you imagine it, though?

It’s early on in their friendship when a honey bee gets into 221B through the window. John gets up, grabs his empty mug and newspaper from his chair side table, and moves towards the buzzing, and Sherlock- fearing the worst is about to happen- opens…

Oscar winner Adrien Brody to play Harry Houdini in miniseries on History channel in September

i think Sherlock had pretend to be asleep…  :p

simon puts his oversized parka to good use


i would literally believe that john is just shocked that sherlock is in a relationship in that scene except martin went so far as to play it like john is honestly sick to his stomach, like about to vomit i mean really, he looks like he’s going to be ill who does that out of just surprise, no one, that poor man is sick with jealousy, he just is

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